Introduce Cosmos to your team

Cosmos is the meetings & co-working tool for remote teams who miss the office.

In Cosmos, teams can be together in a virtual HQ from anywhere, and build strong culture.

Encourage your team to try out Cosmos as a group for 2-3 days. Our existing customers indicate that at this point, they start to truly feel the value proposition of the product.

Just like the office:

  • Everyone knows what's being discussed: See who is talking to whom, and what about. Everyone's invited, and no one feels left out. You can join conversations with a single click.
  • Pull people into a discussion without arranging meeting: You can invite someone to talk with a single click. No more waiting for others to get back.
  • Be available for your team: People can walk up to you to talk without needing to arrange a meeting.
  • Carry on with casual conversations after meetings finish: In Cosmos, you can easily break into smaller groups to dive deeper or pair on an issue, and get to know your teammates through casual conversations

We highly recommend:

- Connecting Cosmos to Slack: See what meetings are happening in Cosmos, and who has entered your office.

- Installing the Cosmos Video Google Calendar add-on: Set your Cosmos office as the default place for all meetings.

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