How Cosmos Works

Cosmos 101

In Cosmos, when you move your avatar close to others, you can see and hear them.

When you move away, you stop seeing and hearing them.

Moving your Avatar

Move your avatar using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

You can also point to an area in the map with your mouse, and simply click to move there.

Edit your profile, name and avatar

When you're inside a Cosmos venue, you'll see a blue sidebar on the top left of your screen.

Simply click on the ⚙️ icon (highlighted in the image).

This will take you to settings, where you can edit your name, profile, and avatar. 

Who can see and hear you?

You will see a highlighted area around your avatar. Everyone in this area will be able to see and hear you.

Private Areas

Venues in Cosmos mimic the real world. So, on entering a room, you will see a message stating "No one outside this area can hear you".

In these rooms, you can hear or see everyone in the room.

Anyone outside, even one step away from it won't be able to listen in, or see the people in the room. They will have to come inside the room to video chat.


In Cosmos, you can select your status from the controls pane, which is in the bottom part of your screen. Simply click on Available, Listening, or Away to select your status.

  • Available 🟢 Your video and audio are on, and you can see and hear others around you
  • Listening 🟡 Your video and audio are off, but you can still see and hear others
  • Away 🔴 Your video and audio are off, and you can't see or hear anyone


Access chat by clicking the messaging icon in the sidebar on the top left.

Pro tip: 
You can nudge a person by "@name" in the chat. They'll then receive a notification. 

You can use "/say <text>" to have a robot announce your message to everyone in the venue. 

All office conversations in the same link

Once you're set up in Cosmos, your entire team will share one link - all office meetings, co-working, and casual conversations can happen here.

You can set meeting topics while having a discussion to share context with your team.

When someone is entering your venue, they can select which conversation to join, and join in with a single click.

Zoom in/out

You can zoom in/out of your space by using the magnifying glass 🔎 icon in the bottom right.

Click the (+) to zoom in, and (-) to zoom out.


At Cosmos Video, users being able to share experiences together in a safe environment, and protecting your privacy is of paramount importance.

We do not store or view any user communications, audio or video. All data is encrypted in transit, but not end-to-end, which is the same encryption policy taken by services like Google Meet.

We are working to bring end-to-end encryption to our users. For further details, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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