Create a venue, invite others and member permissions

Creating a venue

To create a venue, click here. You can chose the type of venue that best suits your team, based on team size, and visual look and feel of the space.

Venue privacy

Anyone with who you share your venue URL with will be able to access the space. Each url contains a hex, so it's highly unlikely someone can 'guess' a venue url.

Inviting Others

Once you've created a Cosmos venue, it's yours forever. Simply share the link with your team and they can quickly join you in the space you've created.

Members and Permissions

There are 4 types of users for any Cosmos Venue. The owner or the admin can go into settings ( from the ⚙️ icon in the black sidebar in the top left of your screen) and go to Users tab, and click on manage team members.

Then, on the Manage Members page, you can invite members either via invite link or by adding with their emails.

Members: Regular part of the space, but cannot add others. Can invite guests to the venue.

Admin: Can't add other admins, but can add members and guests. Can also make the venue members only. Able to change the venue and venue name.

Owner: Can do everything and admin can, and is able to add or remove admins.

Primary Owner: The venue creator. Can add admins and owners. Person responsible for billing, in addition to being able to do everything an owner can.

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