Best practices to get set up

Here are 5 essential steps required to adopt Cosmos in your team: 

1. Create an office

Visit this link to set up your space:

- Give your space a name

- Select Team Size

- Choose your vibe (Minimal/Vibrant)

2. Connect with Slack

Cosmos helps create visibility within your team by sending updates when people enter the office or when a new meeting starts.

While connecting slack, create a new channel for all Cosmos-related updates.  Go to this link to get set up. 

Add everyone in your organisation as a member, so that they can access the office by themselves. Guests (non-members) will need to knock, and can be let in by members. 

3. Hold all meetings in Cosmos

For your team to get the benefits of Cosmos, you need to hold all meetings in your Cosmos office - both recurring and ad-hoc.

Install our Google Calendar add-on to set Cosmos as the default video conferencing option for all meetings in your team’s Calendar.

4. Download Cosmos Apps

Cosmos works across all platforms - browsers, desktop apps (windows and mac), and mobile (iOS and Android). Now you can join a Cosmos meeting from anywhere!

Go to this link to download apps.

5. Tell your team about statuses on Cosmos!

Team mates can choose to co-work, or hangout in Cosmos after meetings. 

Use statuses to signal availability to your team:

  • Available 🟢 Your video and audio are on, and you can see and hear others around you. This means you’re available to talk.
  • Listening 🟡 Your video and audio are off, but you can still see and hear others. This means you’re busy, but available for urgent queries. 
  • Away 🔴 Your video and audio are off, and you can't see or hear anyone. This means you’re in deep focus mode, or have stepped away from Cosmos.

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