Broken sentences or robotic sounds

You are experiencing these issues because you are not receiving all the data that forms a sentence or the other person's video. 

Three steps to resolve this issue:

- You are using Firefox: Firefox has known bugs where the mic input might sound robotic or noisy. We recommend you use Chrome or download our desktop apps (linked here)

- Internet download speed is low, please do a speed test. If you sit far away from your internet router your internet speed can considerably deteriorate. Please ensure your upload and download speed is more than 30Mbps. If your connection speed is more than 30Mbps, then please read on.

- Connection with Cosmos main video server has some issues: In this case, we can re-route your data path to another server close by and forward it to our video server. You'll have to turn this setting on in Cosmos. Please go to your Cosmos office > settings > performance > turn "Force Video Relay" on. Once you’ve done it refresh Cosmos.

Your experience of Cosmos should improve, and the broken sounds should stop. If it doesn’t please turn off the “Force Video Relay” and let us know at

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